BSc (Health Information Administration)

Where would we be if nobody stood between average people and the often confusing, even scary terminology of specialized medical fields? Every day, there's a new pharmaceutical on the market, a new surgical procedure invented, and a new diagnosis documented. As a result, the medical field is crying out for people to manage and organize the landslide of new information, and keep it connected to existing information.

The Health Information Administration* program offers preparation for a professional area of service in hospitals, clinics, and related health facilities and agencies. Graduates are prepared to serve as entry level health information administrators. The health information administrator is responsible for the management of health information systems consistent with medical, administrative, ethical and legal requirements of the health care delivery system. The profession combines knowledge of health care systems and business administration.

*Possible side effects of our HIA program do NOT include some or all of the following: unsightly rash, boils, rickets±, grippe, heart palpitations**, gout, thrush, or Grocer's Itch‡

± if your rickets last more than 4 hours, please consult a physician.
** except for the moment they offer you the job!
‡ Seriously. This is a real disease. We had to google it.
The Health Information Administration (HIA) program is designed to provide flexibility for the student. It consists of the Health Information Technology (HIT) Program plus two years of prescribed work. A progression policy has been developed to facilitate entry into the HIA Program. Students should consult their advisors for evaluation of possible credits earned through successful completion of the Registered Health Information Technician (RHIT) exam or previous work experience.

The Health Care Coding Certificate program prepares you to code, classify, and index diagnoses and procedures. With it, you can enter the workforce immediately, or move on into DSU's A.S. in Health Information Technology and the B.S. in Health Information Administration.