BSc Cardiac Perfusion Technology

Clinical Perfusion Technology, a field connected with medicine, supports anaesthetists and surgeons during cardiac surgery.  The Clinical Perfusion Technologists monitor blood circulation of the patient during cardiac surgery to make sure that it does not sever.
During the open heart surgery,  heart and lungs cannot function. The patient is temporarily fitted to the  heart and lung machine.  Fixing and operating this machine is the duty of these technologists in addition to checking oxygen and carbondioxide level, blood counts and blood circulation of the patients during operation.  They also provide the patients with medicine during the surgery. To carry on these multiple tasks, it is imperative for these technologists to have a sound knowledge of blood circulation and ability to handle complex equipments. 
Those who have completed this study can work in big hospitals or become lecturers and investigators. The senior Perfusionists have to lead a team of Perfusionists in the hospital.
The field of Clinical Perfusion Technology provides opportunities to utilize latest technologies in the field of medicine. Since this is a challenging field, they have job opportunities in hospitals all over the country.
The Perfusion Technology is offered as a B.Sc degree course at Frontier Lifeline Hospital.  The students who have Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics, Zoology or Botany in plus2 are eligible to join this course.  Those who have completed B.Sc. Physics can directly join the  Postgraduation course.