Aircraft Maintenance Engineering (AME)

There is a wide scope for the Aircraft Maintenance Engineering (AME). The aviation sector is developing fast in India. It earns huge profit, so there is huge demand of more aircraft as a result the companies looking for young, energetic and dynamicAircraft Maintenance Engineers in India. Nowadays, people prefer to travel by aeroplane than ship. So, the number of travelers who are traveling by flights increasing at a faster rate. This makes a huge demand of new aircraft to compensate the huge traffic at airport. Apart from few Indian companies, foreign companies also jumped into this sector and earning a handsome profit. 

Aircraft Maintenance Engineer course approved by DGCA.

Eligibility for the course AME is SSLC passed with 60% marks in physics, chemistry and mathematics. The duration of AME course is 4 yrs. On successful completion of the course, a license will be issued by the competent authority and have the right to undertake all kinds of maintenance works of aircraft. The license is highly valued and the AME is the full in charge of making the aircraft OK to fly. Without the approval of AME the flight cannot take its journey. So, the AME has all right and the responsibility to making the flight OK by testing and checking all essential components of an aircraft for smooth functioning on the other hand the safety mechanism is quite important aspect of the duty of AME. The candidate completing AME cannot be considered as a graduate because this is not a graduation course since it is a license course or we can call it as a professional course. Those who want to become graduate in this discipline may opt for Aeronautical Engineering courseon successful completion of this course they will be treated as a graduate. Those who complete B.E/B.Tech Aeronautical Engineering cannot be considered for issuing AME until and unless they pass the test for issuing license. After obtaining the license only they enroll themselves as an Aircraft Maintenance Engineers.

The Scope of Aircraft Maintenance Engineers and Aeronautical Engineers:

It has wide scope in the aviation sector like Indian Airlines, Kingfisher, Jet Airways, Spice jet, Air India, Sahara and many more. All these companies looking for large number of Aircraft Maintenance Engineers for the maintenance works of their aircraft. So, it is guaranteed that no AME will become unemployed after successful completion of this course. By the by those who are completing Aeronautical Engineering course can opt in other areas too and they have better scope in Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO). The opportunity does not limited to India only it extends to few companies in abroad too. So there is a huge wanted in some aviation companies of western countries and US. The aviation sector is functioning in a condition of acute shortage of AME. So, there is a huge demand of Aircraft Maintenance Engineers in the future. 

Expected salary of Aircraft Maintenance Engineers:

The Aircraft Engineers have a respectable position in the aviation sector so they are highly paid staff of the company. Initially companies used to pay around Rs 35000/- per month and it may continuously keep on raising as gaining experience. As per your experience and dedication in your work, the companies will suitably reward in hiking your salary upto 60000/- to 100000/-. So, the candidates joining AME courses have bright future and can earn a handsome salary with the dedication towards their duty.

Colleges offering Aircraft Maintenance Course in India:

There are many colleges offering Aircraft Maintenance Engineering course. All candidates are advised to check the admission criteria of such colleges. Different colleges have different admission criteria but the pre-requisite qualification is same as mentioned above. Though all candidates have equal job opportunity but the popular colleges can grab more opportunity for their students by making a collaboration with the aviation companies. So, better college means better opportunity. It is obvious to presume that the popular colleges must collect huge fees for the said course so this is not an exceptional as in other areas too. The total fee for the course may vary from college to college in terms of their popularity and services rendering in imparting the course. It is expected to be around Rs 4lakh to 6 lakhs.