Information Technology Engineering

   The Bachelor of Engineering in Information Technology (B.E information technology) is an important course where input was received from industry partners. The core component covers fundamental principles to the information systems and computing discipline such as databases, data communications, analysis, design and project work. In addition, emerging directions prepare students to handle an IT major from a specified list. The course’s emphasis on practical experience and teaching involves industry standard hardware, software, methods and techniques.

 The degree provides employment to technical/ non-technical foreign exchange inflow for India. Information technology exports software and services to approximately 95 countries. It is linked with the management and use of information by computer based tools including both software and hardware. Information Technology is used widely in all the sectors of the economy.
Job Prospects
  B.E Information Technology degree holders can work in various fields of IT like web graphic designer, software programmer, systems administrator, database administrator, software engineer, teacher, IT operations analyst and so on. The impact of Information Technology has touched everyone – industries, governments, academic institutions, businesses, financial institutions. With the right skills and fundamental knowledge of the field, this degree makes you eligible for positions like software developer, programmer, coding executive, security and networking officer, computer forensic analyst, strategic sales analyst, strategic sales analyst, operating officer, network security engineer, support staff, business analyst and more.