B.Tech Bio-technology

The role of biotechnology professional in pharma company is very big and increases day by day. We know that bio means life and technology means the system by which a society provides its members with those things needed or desired. So, biotecnology is the science of systematic study of techniques of engineering and solution of problems concerning living organisms. 

Biotechnology mainly deals with the concerned of diseases of the living organisms, to increase the life span of the organism, productivity of the crops, to increase the immune strength, to segregate the disease producing micro-organisms from the body and to find its reproductive nature and behaviour, mode of nutrition etc. for the benefit and welfare of the human society. Biotechnologist may adds, subtracts , multiplies or divides the four poly-biomolecules which are essential for living organism. These molecules are Proteins, Carboydrates, nucleic acids and lipids. With the development of DNA technology, hybridoma and stem cell development, biotechnologist can able to produce new high yield and diseases resistant varity hybrids crops, identification of diseases and treat diseases by manufacturing synthetic drugs etc.