Bachelor of Pharmacy

Students develop knowledge and skills in health promotion, learn treatment of minor ailments, and become fluent in communication and health information management.
Primarily in the first and second year, students study core subjects in some basic sciences including chemistry, mathematics and statistics, computer use, microbiology, anatomy, physiology, biochemistry, pharmacology, nutrition and molecular genetics.
To complement these scientific disciplines, there are subjects in various pharmaceutical sciences presented in the first three years. These subjects are organic and medicinal agents, pharmaceutical microbiology, pharmaceutics and pharmacokinetics. Together, the pharmaceutical science and the basic science subjects provide a solid foundation for studies in the professional aspects of pharmacy.
Specialist subjects include pharmacy practice, pharmacy residency, professional practice and therapeutics. There is an elective in the first session of the final year. The elective allows you to follow and develop particular interests which may enhance your capacity to work in a variety of exciting careers.